Legacy and Genealogy Products and Services

Legacy Finders focuses on written and audio products for our clients. With technology advancing so fast, we believe that the written word will be the most enduring legacy to provide to future generations. However, digital audio recordings can provide a window to the past that brings life to the written words. We will work with you to develop a tailored package of products and services to meet with your needs and budget.

Below are categories of life history and genealogical products and services that we provide. For many of the life history categories, a package can be tailored to include basic interviews with audio files, or can be even more complete with transcripts of the interviews. Manuscripts can also be developed that include context and genealogical information. As a way to bring it all together, you may want to have the manuscripts developed into a book that tells your story complete with photos and other documents that bring your story to life and conveys the messages that you want to communicate to future generations. Package costs depend on the product(s) that you desire. Legacy Finders will tailor packages to fit your budget.

Life History Products and Services

  • Personal History
  • Family History
  • Family or Organizational Reunion
  • House History
  • Pet Tribute
  • Organizational History
  • Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters

Legacy Finders is committed to giving back to the community and will work with community organizations on mutually beneficial projects that aid in preserving legacy memories and information that would otherwise be lost.

Genealogical Products and Services

Using our unique  set of products and services, we will work with you to develop your personal or family pedigree.

  • Focused Genealogical Research Questions
  • Genetic DNA Testing Consultation
  • DNA Records Research